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How do you show that your case was not benefited by Sidney Torres's work?
We were about to settle with Murphy just days before the class action was
certified and Murphy was accepting responsibility for our propertry. It was
a commercial property on Judge Perez Dr. (Not in the Judge's extended map
but in Murphy's very limited extended map. Since we didn't sign the papers
yet, we then had to opt out and pay the 7%. Our neightbor accross the
street was in the same situation as us and about to sette also. Murphy
accessed his property as being worth much more than ours, it was a bigger
unit with rentals in it. This meant $10,500 to him he had to pay to Sidney
Torres for nothing, just days before Murphy would have given him that money,
and us too. He lost everthing too and really needed that money. How do you
prove you did not benefit from Sidney's work, did not want, need, or ask for
his services? It meant $2,900 for us. I would like to pursue that, it's not
fair, it's legal stealing from powerful people and just plain morally wrong.




>TO Delambert and St. Jean the Baptist Residents,


>Your frustration over this issue is warranted. The 7% is called a set

>aside- it basically means that 7% of the settlement or 12% if you have

>another attorney is set aside and you basically have to show that the

>settlement was not benefitted by the work that the Torres law firm did.

>I am not an attorney, so I can not give any legal advice and I am not

>allowed as a public official to speak directly about the law suit- each

>time I have, I have been warned of court sanctions. So anyway, I am

>not sure that Sen.

>Boasso's office can assist in this matter no more than local government.

>This is a federal judge making federal rulings. I have asked how to get

>around the 7% issue and am told that it is not an uncommon practice in

>class actions and it becomes more difficult as the case moves on to not

>have to give the % up.


>Sorry about your frustration.


>Good luck and God Bless,



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