[StBernard] cable question

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jun 1 20:00:09 EDT 2006


I've been out of the loop--no phone or internet access in Violet. I have
been calling Bellsouth to no avail.
One person--I'm being polite--told me no service until July 2007! I
stopped to speak with some repair workers on St. Bernard Hwy. and they said
that it shouldn't be much longer for my area--Violet/St.
Bernard Hwy. But they couldn't give me much more than that. They did
suggest that I get as many people to call the repair line as I could
so--everyone start calling! The more we bug them, but faster they will be!

I have spoken with a very nice lady at
Cox--Natalie--and she has told me that I can get service from them NOW. My
soon to be neighbor has them scheduled to come out on June 14th. I would
switch but want to keep my 682 # and can't get that until my old Bell south
acct is active. Also have to figure out how to get out of the Direct TV
contract since Bell south is being so slow and I'll lose the bundle
discount.--Sorry--I'm cheap. Never had cable until the storm and only then
so I could have reception and news from home.

Hope that helps. Please try to get folks to call Bell South. Squeaky wheel
gets the oil seems to apply in this case!


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