[StBernard] Grant Money

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jun 1 21:09:09 EDT 2006

Oh Lord that would be fantastic if that amendment passes through everything.
I never thought that was fair to the people who had purchased flood



Originally they were going to deduct your insurance money, but they
added a
new admendment. The Senate approved it, so it got sent to the House
and they
are the ones that added the admendment stating that insurance money
be deducted. They UNANIMOUSLY approved the admendment. Apparantly,
the House
thinks as we do, that it would punish those of us who did the right
thing as
actually paid for insurance. So, because of the admendment, the bill
back to the Senate so they could vote on the changes. Haven't heard
since then. I'm not sure if it will benefit renters, since the money
based on house value, but information about it can be found at
. There's a link for the Road Home Program. Has anybody heard
anything new on it yet? News would be appreciated, if there's any.


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