[StBernard] Open Letter

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jun 20 22:35:42 EDT 2006


These are CLEAR, CONCISE THOUGHTS about where we are.....now, what do we
do to get ourselves out of this FINE MESS?

I have always believed that the simplest solution would be to tell people
that they are on their own and that the parish government will now
arbitrarily make and enforce ordinances for its clean-up and recovery. This
would most likely seem unfair to many people because they have an individual
set of circumstances that would not allow them to return home. This may, in
fact, be what should have been done immediately after the storm.

However, such a decision would insure but one thing... a MUCH smaller
parish. Is that the true goal here? In a perfect world, everyone would get
to come HOME. But since we are not living in a perfect world anymore, I
believe that this stance would certainly encourage people to leave (or not

I also don't believe that everyone is looking for a handout but I do think
that they are seeking direction.

Look, I know, that St. Bernard can never be what it once was, at least not
for many years to come, but I have to think that the mat placed in front of
the door today, should read "WELCOME BACK" and that is true for everyone who
called the parish home. However, it seems as though some of our own do not
want people returning. The appearance is that we, as a parish are adrift at
sea, we have a motor that is running but no steering to get us ashore. We
have many people on board who have the ability to argue until we are blue in
the face about how or what we can do to get to shore but the FUEL (TIME) is
running out and a decision needs to be made but no one wants to take control
of the boat. You are on target to say that there are tough decisions that
need to be made but apparently will not be made because we have no captain.
By continuing to argue, people will begin to feel helpless and lose hope to
the point that they would rather jump off the boat and try to swim to shore
than remain on board going in circles.

If someone, anyone on board took command of the boat, these issues would
have been resolved long ago and the howling from the others aboard would
soon subside once they realized that they were ashore.

To the others on board, what do you think?

Missing HOME.......


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