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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jun 20 22:44:05 EDT 2006

you are exactly right. wow i didn't think anyone around here was old enough
to remember that but me. glad to see that some of us are still around and
are able to recall some of the shady goings on from the past. did they ever
find anyone that could've been involved in that? i remember she worked for
some prominent lawyer in chalmette, right? it just seemed funny that with
all his money and clout you would think that he would've spared no expense
to find something out. weird. GOD BLESS and KEEP THE FAITH


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> Ben,


> What you are referring to is the Randazzo murder case. I remember it

> well.


> John Scurich


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>> Just an afterthought: remember many years ago they found a body on

>> the banks of the mrgo under the green bridge? Well when the guy who

>> found it went to report it, came back with officials it was gone.

>> well, three days later it turned up again in the very same spot.

>> WITH FROST BITE! Now at the time they(officials) couldn't figure out

>> how the body had been frostbitten, disappeared, and then returned

>> again after three? days. Well at the time there was only one cold

>> storage unit in that area that could have stored something like a

>> body. Yep you guessed it. NOCS. Of course they (officials)

>> investigated and just couldn't come up with any hard evidence of any

>> wrongdoing"ain't that a joke" by anyone. oh sorry here i

> go

>> rambling again. oh well i really don't know what i was getting to.



>> Ben


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