[StBernard] structual engineer

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Jul 1 23:16:31 EDT 2006

What is considered "getting the work started"? Does it mean a signed
contract with a contractor? We are doing some of the work ourselves and
contracting some out to others. We have gotten a new roof already, window's
and doors are ordered, is this considered having started the work? I don't
think the guys that did the roof got a permit that I know of. Is "getting
the work started" mean going and getting a permit so it will be on file with
the proper agency?





>As long as you have started repair work to the structure and it is less

>than 50% damaged then the issue of compliance is handled. If you are

>not compliant with the current maps, then you must become compliant

>with the current maps (same as pre-storm). The LRA is forcing parishes

>to adopt the advisories that FEMA issued in order to access the LRA

>grant money. By doing this, the issue of elevation comes into play if

>the damage is greater than 50%.


>So the short answer is if you are going to repair, get the work started

>and have the damage assessment under 50%, that keeps you eligible for

>flood insurance.


>Good luck and God Bless,



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