[StBernard] Governor Blanco Announces Road Home Changes

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Dec 23 10:02:51 EST 2006


I'm typically charging $325 for a regular appraisal. If you have one of
those huge two story homes with an open floor plan on the second floor, I
might charge a little more if it requires considerably more time to
measure - which I know is something the LRA is looking at closely - accurate
square footage measurement of "living area" - inside the house.

I used to charge $300 but in the past year I've been hit with a dramatic
increase in the cost of liability insurance - imagine that! - and the local
realtors organization where I can my real estate data from has increased in
membership dues and access costs - and then there's the increase in fuel.
So, I made a modest $25 increase.

Also, Jer, I'd like to think all the gripin' and bitchin' I did to the LRA
Board over the past few months finally paid some dividends to their policy
change decision - especially when I told them back in August they're going
to need good life insurance policies after the angry mob sees what kind of
pre-Katrina value they're gonna get when using AVMs and BPOs to determine
value. After everyone complaining, I think they remembered my comments.

Just one side note...I'm not available until middle of next week. My wife
has made it clear (under threat of bodily harm) she owns me on December 26th
for the "Day after Christmas" sales.

Call or email me if I be of assistance to you. Oh, big reminder: it is my
understanding a pre-Katrina market value appraisal is only beneficial to you
if you are looking at a "buy out" - selling out to the LRA. If you are
looking to rebuild, then I don't believe you need an appraisal - the LRA is
going to send out someone who works basically like an insurance adjuster to
determine how much it is going to cost to get your home renovated.

John Scurich
La. Certified Residential Appraiser
Email: scurich at bellsouth.net

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