[StBernard] Another Nightmare

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Mar 3 16:50:33 EST 2007

Karen, I know how you feel! Allstate sure doesn't mind taking money, but
when it comes to paying out, they are the worst! They decided to drop our
policy too (we had flood and wind through them). We had wind damage, and
received about $2000 to repair the damage (a new roof, sheet rock, windows,
insulation, etc.) They have been stringing me along since a couple of months
after Katrina, and they said that the reason it was so low was because of
old software. Of course I haven't seen anything more, and we are now talking
to an attorney.

We are in the oil spill area, and the house has been gutted and secured, and
the yard is maintained, and we still pay a water bill.

We are STILL waiting on Murphy to steam clean the home, and replace the soil
as stated in our contract with them. Allstate says we abandoned the home
because they have not seen any new construction. I tried to explain to them
that it is not possible to repair the home until Murphy does their part, but
that went on deaf ears. The best part about it is that hardly anything in
the house is of value. I mean I don't know what they are afraid of--they are
taking money from us and they know that the house is WORTHLESS right now!
Why drop someone with nothing to insure?

Our Insurance Commissioner's office is not very helpful either, I'm afraid.
Their synopsis of the problem is this "We can only ask Allstate if they will
pay for the damage. if they don't want to pay, you can always go to
arbitration." Translation: you may as well give up. I have contacted them at
least a dozen times, and in the beginning, they acted like it was a problem
that would be taken care of right away. But each call after that got more
and more ridiculous. It is almost as if someone paid them off (I'm not
saying that this is what happened, we can't even THINK that way!) Of course
there is always the lawyer, which is going to cost us a fortune to get money
we should have already from them! The LRA is another story entirely, but as
everyone else in St. Bernard knows, it is pretty much a joke!

Good luck everyone, and thanks for letting me vent. If anyone has any
suggestions on how we can get Allstate or Murphy to do the right thing, it
would be good to know!


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