[StBernard] Moving forward with our insurance reform legislation

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Mar 20 23:42:27 EDT 2007

"Governor Blanco, the Louisiana face of Katrina and Rita, today has decided
not to run for re-election for 2007. Governor Blanco made her statement
statewide. She said that she was not running for re-election so she could
take politics off the table for the rest of her initial term and during the
rebuild of Louisiana. "

**A lame duck clearing the table to rebuild? Since when was she that
effective, for abundant in networking with others, even successful in
developing alliances? On her tombstone, it may read:

"Here lies Ms Kat, who bit off more than she can chew,
We wonder why she couldn't do. Boo hoo - boo hoo.
--now that she's over, we need to get Louisiana way ahead of the game,
become more competitive in getting businesses to us, get the money in the
hands of people who most desperately in need of expedited recovery (while we
get our fair share of government money past due), rebuild our roads, and
move ahead.

There are qualified leaders out there. Firstly Jindal and Boasso, and you
can bet the Demos now will bet crackin' to get someone in her place to run
(in place of the "Reverend" who is running again <g>..

New Orleans couldn't get rid of their albatross with Nagin, perhaps
Louisiana has the sense to place someone who will be Heaven sent because
only God knows who He will send to clean up the real mess.


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