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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 15 22:52:30 EDT 2007

Please post this portion of the TP article CANAL PILINGS COME UP SHORT,
published in April 14, 2007 New Orleans paper which interviewed Bob Bea,
University of California-Berkley engineer and a member of the Independent
Levee Investigation Team financed by the National Science Foundation to
study failures in the region's hurricane protection system:

" Bea said it is crucial that IPET release its oft-delayed, one-of-a-kind
risk and reliability analysis that will tell residents just how much risk
they're assuming by living behind the current levee system, as well as how
much that risk will diminish with improvements to the system. The IPET team
has announced repeated delays, saying it is taking longer to complete the
complex project than envisioned. The latest target date is May. It's the
people exposed to the hazard that have to understand what it is and how
likely it is, and then they can decide how much risk they are willing to
assume,' Bea said. 'Once the people...see that ananlysis, which the corps
owes them, I expect they'll have something to say...' "

I'm with Dr. Bea. The public need's the real truth about risk this season
and how much that risk will lessen with each improvement to the system,
whenever and wherever improvements are made. We're less than 50 days from
the start of hurricane season and need honest, transparent information from
the engineering and scientific community that is independent. Deborah

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