[StBernard] Henderson, Madary in runoff in 103rd District

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Oct 22 09:54:45 EDT 2007

My analysis of the primary results has the run-off looking good for Mark
Madary. Not that parish voters vote purely by party lines, but the numbers
indicate that could be the case here. Madary "should" pick up the lion's
share (60% or higher) of both Bayham's and Cosse's votes. But the real
important votes (or what I call "lock votes") should come from the Cao
voters. These are the Vietnamese voters in New Orleans east.

Having affiliated with them from past elections I can tell you they are
extrememly Catholic and extremely Republican, almost drone voting for
Republican candidates. The short history behind this is because they
believe - and are greatful - to Nixon and the Republicans for allowing them
to seek refuge in the United States after the Vietnam conflict.

The only exception to their supporting a Republican candidate is if you are
a Vietnam vet who saw action there. I've attended forums at the Vietnamese
Catholic Church in Little Saigon and if someone says they fought in Vietnam
the audience present gives them royal treatment.

Madary should definitely speak with Cao and explain to him he's the
Republican remaining in the race and ask who he needs to speak with at the
Church to arrange meet and greet with the Vietnamese community. That should
just about wrap up the vote out there for Madary. I also tell all
candidates running in that area it is a must to have political signs and
brochures in Vietnamese. The folks out there are impressed by that.

John Scurich

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Henderson, Madary in runoff in 103rd District by The Times-Picayune Sunday
October 21, 2007, 12:11 AM 103rd District

Arabi, western Chalmette, parts of eastern New Orleans and the rural
communities in St. Bernard from Hopedale and Delacroix to the east side of
the Violet Canal

Reed Henderson and Mark Madary rose to the top of a packed field of
candidates and will meet in a runoff Nov. 17.

Henderson, 55, is a commodity trader from St. Bernard community. Madary, 55,
of Arabi, is a member of the St. Bernard Parish Council. Mike Bayham, Clay
Cosse', Anh "Joseph" Cao and Rob Ruffino rounded out the field.

22 of 22 precincts

Reed Henderson-D, 1,367 votes, 22 percent

Mark Madary-R, 1,187 votes, 19 percent

Mike Bayham-R, 1,152 votes, 18 percent

Clay Cosse'-R, 1,141 votes, 18 percent

Anh "Joseph" Cao-D, 877 votes, 14 percent

Rob Ruffino-D, 606 votes, 10 percent

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