[StBernard] WM & SDT

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Oct 22 21:57:23 EDT 2007

Waste Management probably has no use for the old brown cans,and it probably
wasn't in their contract to come get them. I contacted SDT via email on
their website to ask them to make one more sweep of these, since they took
the WM cans away when they got their SDT cans into service. Let's see if I
get a reply, but all of you can go to www.sdtwds.com and hit the contact
link and ask them to take away the WM cans, too.

I would think if someone really had an alternate use for the WM cans, they
wouldn't get any complaints if they did us all a favor and "relocated them"
to another site (with the trash in it, of course). ddk

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