[StBernard] Enough with the hear say

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Oct 22 22:41:20 EDT 2007

Hey Westley,

As I look back over the past month, I can't tell you how sick I got of
hearing everyone debate over several races in St. Bernard - the sheriff's
race was the worst.

What do you think about issuing a policy annoucement saying you are no
longer going to post any comments on the any race, especially a post where
it's obvious the individual poster is favoring a candidate? It just seems
like in the past few weeks many of the postings were like going to nola.com,
which is why I stopped frequenting that website. I was sick of all the

Furthermore, if a poster wants to break something about a candididate -
something they heard, but is purely hear say without them backing it up with
a source - then the poster must state their full name and where they live
(i.e. Chalmette, Slidell, etc.). I'm tired of all these rumors of "I heard
this, etc."

Your website and list was designed to be where people can post information
and data helpful to others, not gossip. But it's gotten to be more gossipy
due to some of the shallow people on the list. I wouldn't allow anyone to

Now, I don't have a problem debating an issue...SCHIP, social security,
etc...that's fine because it's not favoring a particular candidate or
official. Criticizing an official is also okay as long as it pertains to a
particular issue....for instance, criticizing the parish president for
recommending a new tax or not getting the garbage picked up. Those are
relevent activities that are going on. Of course, even debate on these
things must still remain civil.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Edgar Hampshire
--back to lurking--

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