[StBernard] katrina limbo

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Mar 7 09:05:24 EST 2008

DDK, plan B to Z unfortunately for many victims whose lives were trashed by
Katrina is daily (if not hourly) prayer. For some, dastardly, and according
to the latest news within the nation is foreclosure/seizure of their
properties. For many, there IS nothing that will be done for them. If no one
else if praying for them, it is me. Here's a prayer:

Lord God, keep the leeches away from the homeless, the helpless, the
ill-luck and the disturbed which were not only inconvenienced, but
devastated by one storm (Katrina) and those storms that occurred post-mortem
(financial woes, stressed lives, emotional illness). If their prayer (and
this one) is heard by your precious will and a blessing is given them, may
they understand where the blessing originated and do likewise to help others
in dire need.



As I had stated, there are always special cases, but how long can any person
and their families endure the waiting game of Katrina limbo-waiting on that
insurance appeal, waiting on that LRA appeal (I'm one still appealing LRA),
waiting on ..... The hard, painful reality is that those in limbo must ask
now, not later, what happens to me if the additional money never comes,
what' s plan B? Many people I have talked to in this situation don't want
to even talk about a plan B, ever hopeful that the circumstances will change
for the best outcome. I doubt any friend, family member, or elected
official can bring them to face preparing for the worst case scenario, i.e.
that things don't get better and there is nothing for them at the end of the
road home. These elderly, ill, and financially strapped people will need
every friend, relative and charitable group to help them because
government-federal, state, and/or loca l may not be able to. To some, that's
how it should be-people more dependent on one another and less on govt,
while others feel that govt must step up to the plate. However, nature isn't
so kind and these abandoned houses will rot, will mildew, and will become
infested with termites if they don't burn down from vandals first. As we
know from the storm, nature does not discriminate. The reality is, as the
third anniversary approaches, there will still be some very difficult
conditions remaining for those who cannot help themselves and have no one to
help them. ddk

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