[StBernard] brenda

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Mar 7 15:26:13 EST 2008

Brenda, as long as you have a plan as to how you will be able to move along
with renovating the family house you bought, you really aren't in the
indecisive limbo I described. Your remodeling will come slowly, but surely
you accounted for that when you made the financial investment in this house.
There is a huge difference between those who are holding on to an abandoned
house on a wish and a prayer that someone will pay top dollar for a gutted
house in today's housing/insurance/recession market joined by those who are
already living elsewhere and are likewise holding onto an abandoned house
for emotional reasons. I believe the parish has outlined how those who are
moving with a plan to complete repairs can be accommodated. But at some
point, your family, too, will need a plan B for finding the resources
(friends, charitable groups, family, etc) if aren't able to accomplish any
progress. ddk

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