[StBernard] Pennsylvania Could Decide the Election

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Nov 1 14:36:06 EDT 2008

Below please find a special message from the Republican Party of
Pennsylvania. From time to time, we receive opportunities we believe you as
a valued customer may want to know about. Please note that the following
message does not necessarily reflect the editorial positions of

Dear Supporter,

This presidential election will be extremely close and Pennsylvania's
twenty-one electoral votes will be the deciding factor as to what kind of
leader will serve as our President for the next four years. The Republican
Party of Pennsylvania needs your support to ensure a victory for John McCain
and Sarah Palin.

I have been fortunate to know John McCain personally and I am familiar with
his vision for our country. There is no doubt in my mind that he will lead
us confidently into the future. He understands what makes Americans great
and will never compromise his conservative values.

Patriotism and pure hard work are the hallmarks of his life. I believe that
John McCain is a true American hero and just the kind of President we need
in a troubling time. With his running mate, Sarah Palin, he will fight for
conservative values, stand up for lower taxes and bring real solutions to
real problems facing our nation.

I grew up with a Republican mother and a Democrat father. This is common in
Pennsylvania because our state is home to many independent-minded voters. If
we can deliver our vitally important twenty-one electoral votes to John
McCain, our Republican nominee, Pennsylvania will have the final say on
election night.

With less than two weeks to go in this pivotal election, will you make a
generous contribution of $21, $42, $63, $210, or even $2100 to the
Republican Party of Pennsylvania to ensure we have the resources necessary
to put our twenty-one electoral votes firmly in the Republican column?

With the multiple challenges facing our country, we must elect a president
who is ready to be Commander-in-Chief from day one. That man is John McCain.
Your strong and generous support is critically important in this election.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this message and hope you will
consider putting your hard-earned resources into a state that will decide
who will lead our country the next four years. Thank you for your support.

Governor Tom Ridge

P.S. Thank you for all that you have done, and continue doing to help us
elect John McCain the next President of the United States.

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