[StBernard] Obama thinks those who don't want to pay higher taxesare "selfish"

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Nov 1 22:32:56 EDT 2008

I'll go one step further, Laurie. I was sick of him when I heard his
Democratic Convention speech in 2004. I knew then, of his expedient/meteoric
rise to the top position was to fulfill the biblical prophecy of the (gulp!)
"anti-Christ." (in his 40's of Muslim decent, etc.).

If ever one thought of an extremely contagious disease spreading throughout
the world (HIV/Ebola/black death (no pun here), and so forth was detrimental
to Americans--conservatives/independents and God-fearing people only have to
witness his win and inauguration and know what yet is to come upon our land
infectiously (in a damning way).


I'm going to be physically ill if Obama wins. I can't stand him. He's so
condescending and full of himself. I saw him on tv giving a speech about
when he was a kid he gave half of his peanut butter sandwich to his friend
and they called him a socialist. This got a big laugh from his really dumb
audience. We have all shared food with our friends but that is a little
different than taking other people's lunch and giving it to others that are
perfectly capable of getting their own lunch, just to lazy to. He's
handsome but I can't stand looking at him.


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