[StBernard] Amerika Goes Socialist

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Nov 5 19:07:24 EST 2008

I believe the misery of hopelessness has not ended but began for 175 million
conservatives. Nov. 4, 2008 will go down in history as one of the greatest
downfalls for half of our country's citizens--the Americans. The others,
"AmeriKans" or Kenyan-AmeriKans will bask in their glory of socialism and

On the night of November 4th, the viewers were treated to two sets of
"criers": One being Jesse Jackson for repenting about hacking off part of
o-BLAH-dee-0-Blah-Dah's anatomy. The other set was $175million conservative,
God-fearing (and Oblah-mah fearing) Americans.

To the conservative Patriots, we say hang in there gang. We all know that
the constitution mentions revolution (real change by our founders) in
regards to the establishing of a government. But,..

40 yrs. ago, I was taught by a member of the Black Panther Party that
governments need to be toppled in order to establish change to a "peoples'
government in the event a government had become corrupt (this military-type
individual had shown to me high-lighted text in his constitutional bible
which he stressed was the way to insurrection and a socialistic "government
of the people". Weeks later they were burning buildings and cars, projects
and buildings locally and nationwide.

Recently, their ugly faces surfaced at voting places to intimidate majority
voters. Some things never change. Unfortunately, when one resistance
emerges, another counteracts and I wouldn't be surprised if extremists from
both sides of the political spectrum increases membership because of an
election that should never had exposed such a socialist leader in America
(after all, there is a communist and socialist party on the election rolls.
But, Bar-Rack Never sought to lose by trying to gain his strength coming to
election by either of these parties.

He chose his liberal party, the Demos. In this manner, the chances for his
survival through the primaries shown more impact with minorities who sought
only a candidate with darker skin, prejudiciously; Mexicans and Puerto
Ricans (Hispanic) who believe Bar-Rack would offer them "amnesty and
citizenship on demand" to make it highly favorable that the influx of high
numbers of legal and illegal immigrants would change the tide/balance (for
all time) to liberal numbers and so forth.

Socialist all over the world hailed the event from Kenyan dancing to
socialistic Europe, down to the middle east (who is truly elated that
"lilly-white enemies" have been replaced for all time. Communists are
charmed with someone who has no experience in foreign affairs as target
practice neophytes.

Even the stock-market nearly crashed again at 500 points in anticipation
that capitalism is at the beginning of the end for them.

Now, don't cry too long my dear conservatives and God-lovers. We don't
expect the suffering to last too long (according to biblical prophecy).
However, we will have to face Armageddon yet (which is necessary to fulfill
our Lord's Prophecy).

The sign of the times is nigh.

Until then, though, much emotional suffering is needed. We shall soon
understand WHY we're now faced to deal with people believed to be the real
losers of this election. Prayer is needed to ease the pain.


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