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Kiwanis International Update

February 2009

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About this Newsletter <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111481:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> | Kiwanis International Resources <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111482:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868>

<http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111483:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> 中文 | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111484:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Deutsch | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111485:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> English | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111486:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Español | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111487:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Français | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111488:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Italiano | <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111489:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Nederlands

In this issue:

* A Kiwanis story

* Sarah's chariot <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#sarah>

* Journey for a cure

* Rashale's legacy <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#rashale>

* Convention updates

* Convention planner <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#convention>
* All things Nashville ... and beyond <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#all>

* President's message

* Exercise your heart <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#exercise>

* Leadership blog

* Courage in the face of criticism <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#courage>

* Stay dry, stay warm <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#stay>
* Dates to remember <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#dates>
* Spread the word <http://by101w.bay101.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?ReadMessageId=34164578-182f-4d3f-9727-48f271138202&FolderID=24409a56-5802-45a8-a4d6-a5985ab5c2bd&CP=-1&n=487084012&Action=Forward&AllowUnsafe=False#spread>

Sarah’s chariot
Sarah Nikkelson is 19. She lives in Shepparton, Australia, and uses a wheelchair to get around. But that means her family needs a car that can accommodate her chair.
Her parents, Bernie and Glenys Nikkelson, purchased a used station wagon, but the former cab needed a lot of work: interior and exterior paint, new interior and a new window. Mechanically, it was sound, but the gas system needed checking, and the vehicle needed to be registered and certified as road-worthy.
That’s when the Kiwanis Club of Shepparton stepped in. Members contacted mechanics and other automotive experts, who offered reasonable prices. Apex and Rotary clubs contributed to the cause too.
“Over a period of several months and numerous setbacks, which added to the overall costs, we gradually restored the vehicle to some of its former glory,” reports Alexander Neville, the club’s secretary. “Sarah’s chariot is now on the road.”

Journey for a cure
Rashale's legacy
For the past several months, the Kiwanis International Update has followed a young girl, Rashale Arana, on her Journey for a Cure as she fought her courageous battle against cancer. We planned to share an uplifting story about how Kiwanis members in North Carolina joined together to give her hope, welcome her to the United States from her native Belize with open arms, and to help her in her battle against the odds.
Tragically, the odds won.


Rashale Marie Arana died December 22, 2008. Read more about Rashale's "Journey for a Cure."

On December 22, 9-year-old Rashale died unexpectedly after a few months of treatment. She was brave every step of the way, with an incredible smile on her face.
We are deeply saddened by the tragic turn of events. Rashale touched the lives of countless people—both Kiwanians and non-Kiwanians—and she is not finished. Her story is not finished.
Kiwanis members in North Carolina and their loving, compassionate, caring hearts changed Rashale’s life in so many ways. But they’ve done more than that. They initiated plans to bring better pediatric care to the entire country of Belize through building and sponsoring a new Kiwanis club in that country and meeting with health officials about how they can help—changes that will undoubtedly impact countless children and their families.


Convention Updates

Convention planner
There’ll be a lot to do and see in Nashville, Tennessee, during the 94th Annual Kiwanis International Convention, June 25-28. Don’t miss the fun:

* Key Leader <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111491:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> training for adults.
* Kiwanis Night at the Grand Ole Opry <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111492:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> .
* A Fellowship Breakfast.
* The Saturday Night Stampede, a dinner and dance party at the Wildhorse Saloon <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111493:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> .

Don’t miss the fun. Register <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111494:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> today.

All things Nashville … and beyond
The February 2009 issue of KIWANIS magazine can help you plan a fun and educational experience at the 2009 Kiwanis International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.
Plus, in addition to information about convention forums, registration forms and a travel guide of popular Tennessee attractions, the magazine includes stories about:

* An animal farm in Ontario.
* A first-of-its-kind Aktion Club in Pennsylvania.
* Boys & Girls Club and Kiwanis partnerships in California and Tennessee.
* An Australian hero.

Check it out <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111495:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> .

Exercise your heart
By Don Canaday, President, Kiwanis International
During February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day for sweethearts. Kiwanians have hearts too—hearts big enough to share.
This month, I encourage you to seek out those men and women who have Kiwanis hearts—potential members who are willing to share their time, their talents, their gifts with children—at home and around the world.
Invite a friend, business associate or even a stranger to a meeting, or invite them to take part in one of your club’s service projects where they can witness the Kiwanis heart in action, or put their own into service and feel the blessings we feel every day.
This month, it’s all about the heart. I encourage you to put yours to work for the children in your community and elsewhere, and to look for those like you who have much to give, to share, to help make the world a better place for children, and for all of us.
Please exercise your Kiwanis heart. Keep it strong and beating for the children.

Leadership blog
Courage in the face of criticism
By Rob Parker, CEO, Kiwanis International
Despite the fact that our Kiwanis leaders all serve without compensation, that does not make them immune to criticism. Having the courage to lead often means enduring criticism and even ridicule. Can you think of times when you have had to stand firm in the face of criticism to facilitate change? Share <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111496:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> your stories of “Courage in the Face of Criticism”
Kiwanis International CEO Rob Parker regularly posts leadership insights on the Kiwanis Leader blog (English). Join <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111497:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> the conversation. Parker also wrote about courageous leadership in his Leadership Matters <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111498:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> column, published in the February 2009 issue of KIWANIS magazine.


Stay dry, stay warm

When the weather turns to wet, windy and chilly, you’ll probably want to put on your Kiwanis Weatherproof Trainer Jacket <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111499:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> . The lightweight, casual jacket is made with brushed nylon taslon and has a nylon lining. Elastic cuffs and drawstring hem add protection from the cold.

Dates to remember

* March 12-14, 2009: The 34th Annual Kiwanis Asia-Pacific Convention <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111500:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> , in Cebu City, the Philippines.
* April 5, 2009: Kiwanis One Day <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111501:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> . Remember to share <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111502:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> your One Day story and photos. KIWANIS magazine wants to know about your club’s Kiwanis One Day project. For a chance to be published in the June 2009 magazine, e-mail <mailto:magazine at kiwanis.org> your action-packed photos and story by April 7.
* June 4-6, 2009, The 42nd Annual Kiwanis International-European Federation <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111503:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> Convention in Ghent, Belgium.
* June 25-28, 2009: The 94th Annual Kiwanis International Convention <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111490:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> in Nashville, Tennessee.

Spread the word

One of the simplest, most effective ways to build a club’s membership is by word of mouth. Here’s why:

* Enthusiasm. Personal conversations can be more passionate than fliers, brochures and e-mails.
* The full story. Face to face, you’re able to delve deeply into your favorite topic: your Kiwanis club.
* Sincerity. When you’re chatting informally, there’s no need to oversell. Your passion for your club will help seal the deal.
* Personal touch. When you take the time to talk to prospective members, they feel important, wanted.

So, encourage your fellow members to find opportunities to spread the word about your club and Kiwanis, whether they are at home, work or play. And tell them that Kiwanis International’s “Elevator Speech <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/4111504:4821772351:m:1:185933679:84784266AB05C0426644588BDDF82868> ” can help them craft their very own Kiwanis story.

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