[game_preservation] I'm trying to remember a game with a coin shirt...can you help?

Andrew Armstrong andrew at aarmstrong.org
Sun Sep 9 11:23:47 EDT 2007

Hey all,

Just today, suddenly popped into my head some game, I used to play on
the old IBM box which now doesn't boot which was the family PC years and
years ago.

I am totally fascinated with tracking it down, might be easy,
Google/Mobygames hasn't helped so far though.

Basically, the things I remember about it is that it was a point and
click game, 2d of course, pretty basic graphics, and was sci-fi. You
played someone (a man) and at some point, a /shirt made of
coins/credits/ was acquired and used by taking it apart later, I think,
or possibly was not used at all. You also start in a spaceport I recall,
and visit some slums. It must have been a DOS game, windows games were
basically non-existent on that PC.

Now, having no clue as to the name, and having very few clues (I had a
look to see if I could find the game box somewhere - no go! it might
even have just been a demo from a demo floppy disk), I thought maybe
someone would know from this group, being archivists and interested
people that you are.

It's mainly the coin shirt thing that's bugging me. I think when you get
it, it is utterly useless too. It's probably an utterly rubbish game,
but there we go, quite a few DOS games were rubbish :)

Thanks if anyone can provide a clue, or a decent place to search -
MobyGames isn't much help if I have to click repeatedly through
categories which *might* have it and go through hundreds of games one by
one (DOS Sci-fi games are in the hundreds), although I will resort to it
if I have to!

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