[game_preservation] The Library of Congress project, upcoming plans

Andreas Lange lange at digitalgamearchive.org
Fri Sep 14 10:52:19 EDT 2007

Hello Henry and All,
I was away from the list for the summer because we were busy with two
exhibitions. Meanwhile I have worked of the threats and it's great to
see the vital discussion going and and that the LC is funding the
"Preserving Virtual Worlds" project. Congratulation. Of course we are
open for every kind of cooperation, which will make sense. In the moment
we are researching how to copy our original games and convert them into
emulator readably images. Of course the copy protection mechanisms are
one of the most difficult technical issues to solve, whereas we have
made pretty nice progress especially for C64 Games, which offer some of
the most difficult copy protections.
We were also colaborating with an EU project
(http://www.planets-project.eu/). Our archive was choosen for a testbed
with the aim to make copys of games available in packets for virtualized
environments, what could become an interesting way of accessing digital


Andreas Lange

Henry Lowood schrieb:

> All,


> Well, as you know, the Library of Congress has funded the project,

> called "Preserving Virtual Worlds," to be undertaken by Stanford, U.

> Maryland, U. Illinois, and Rochester Inst. of Technology. It will

> start on Jan. 1, 2008 and end at the end of 2009, a two-year project.

> There are three foci: e-literature (historically, closely related to

> text games), digital games, and virtual worlds. But rather than get

> into all of that in e-mail, I'm attaching a description of the project;

> there are no restrictions on distributing this. So please have a look

> and let's discuss it.


> A few points relating to the project and some launch plans:


> 1. There are many project partners and there is room for more. I'm

> happy to speak with anyone who feels they can contribute substantially

> to the project goals. We have several options in terms of how we would

> recognize such efforts.


> 2. There will be some launch events just before and during GDC next

> year. It's possible you heard it here first, but right now it looks

> like we will be hosting State of Play VI the weekend before GDC on the

> Stanford campus. Our plan is that issues relating to the project will

> be in the program, e.g., legal issues around preservation of virtual

> world content. Also, I will propose through GDC that we have a couple

> of roundtables and (hopefully, this will be approved) a Digital Game

> Canon session to add another ten games to the list. Last, and this is

> still in flux a bit, we might try to offer a workshop on game

> preservation that speaks more to industry-related education, outreach,

> and interests. Let me know if you have ideas on that or would like to

> help put a proposal together.


> Please, feel free to discuss the project; I'm happy to answer

> questions. It's out in the open now, no turning back, we're really

> going to do it!


> Henry


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