[game_preservation] KEEP - major European research project on emulation starts

Vincent Joguin vincent at joguin.com
Sat Feb 7 09:17:14 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

I suppose I should introduce myself at this stage.
Apart from what Philippe has recently kindly mentioned about me, I
have a number of interests linked to games and games preservation.
I have been active on the emulation scene since around 1995, at first
starting with an Amiga emulator that never reached usable stage
(WinUAE is now so capable!), then shifting to Atari ST (FAST, and
IKBD part of SainT) and Tandy 1000 (Tand-Em) emulation. Apart from
SainT, all these are now fully obsolete :-)
I have also been working on the Disk2FDI software that is able to
create accurate disk images from any kind of floppy disk.

Although I haven't been much of a gamer for the past 15 years, I have
kept a particular interest into classic adventure games such as
Sierra/LucasArts (I have a large King's Quest collection for
instance), among other genres. I have also been slightly active on
the French demoscene in the late 90's.

I'd like to thank Andreas and Dan for the nice KEEP introduction, and
members of this SIG for their interest in our project.

All the best,

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