[LEAPSECS] UTC Redefinition Advanced

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Oct 23 13:48:33 EDT 2010

> How many of these systems CURRENTLY properly handle leap seconds? How

> many of these cell phones and space systems and digital devices "buried

> beneath Antarctic ice" CURRENTLY are built to a specification that a

> minute can contain either 59, 60, or 61 seconds? Or that when a leap

> second occurs, it occurs at midnight only in the UTC+0 time zone? (4:00

> PM in the afternoon in California)

Why is that such a big deal? At worst, they reboot the system and it gets
back in sync with the loss of some data.

I think the more important issue would be calculating differences in times
that straddle a leap second. (I'm not an astronomer.)

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