[LEAPSECS] Crunching Bulletin B numbers (POSIX time)

Ian Batten igb at batten.eu.org
Sat Feb 19 17:45:26 EST 2011

On 19 Feb 2011, at 22:27, Paul Sheer wrote:

>> A stand alone machine is going to have its clock drift by more than a

>> few seconds over 10 years. Leap seconds are in the noise compared



> Yes, but the applications running on a standalone machine

> will use the same API's as any other POSIX machine.


> Therefore, unless you want two seperate API's, one

> for standalone machines and one for network-connected

> machines

Why would you need that? An API might accommodate leap seconds, if
that is required and they exist. Isolated machines sit on the same
API, but the leap seconds never come. Japan doesn't have daylight
saving times, but they don't run a special version of Unix that lacks
tm_isdst in a struct tm.


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