[LEAPSECS] Crunching Bulletin B numbers (POSIX time)

Joe Gwinn joegwinn at comcast.net
Sat Feb 19 18:02:23 EST 2011

At 10:49 PM +0000 2/19/11, Ian Batten wrote:

>On 19 Feb 2011, at 22:38, Joe Gwinn wrote:



>>Not necessarily. A Rubidium clock will take a few thousand years

>>to drift by a second. So, we cannot assume that isolated machines

>>have drifty clocks.



>I think that before conjecturing the requires of isolated machines

>which have no source of leap seconds (not even manual application

>via a commandline interface "leap_next_31_dec") and yet are attached

>to better than 0.02ppm clocks, someone should provide an example of

>an isolated machine that is attached to a 0.02ppm clock. And why

>everyone else should deal with the complexity to save that one

>computer the $100 bill for a GPS receiver.

The issue isn't money, it's access to the sky.

Joe Gwinn

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