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John Gruber gruber at
Thu Mar 11 19:58:23 EST 2004

Nate Steiner <nsteiner at> wrote on 03/11/04 at 12:27p:

> How are folks that have been using Markdown referencing the various 
> methods? Is there a way to fold a the cheat sheet into the MT post 
> entry form?

There's no way for a plug-in to do that. (There's no good way for
plug-ins to do anything to the MT web app interface, really, but
supposedly that's coming in MT 3.0.)

You could hack it yourself, but then you'd be stuck worrying about
re-implementing the patches the next time a new version of MT comes

Perhaps you'd be better off making your own separate cheatsheet. You
can get the Markdown-formatted source to the dingus cheatsheet here:


Perhaps I should create a 1-page PDF version of the cheatsheet,
suitable for printing.

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