[ANN] Markdown 1.0b2

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Fri Mar 12 19:59:50 EST 2004

You can download 1.0b2 directly here:


But I've made changes to the Markdown web site, about which, as
always, I welcome your feedback:

(The main page now has installation instructions for MT, Blosxom,
and BBEdit; these installation instructions were only in the readme
file in 1.0b1.)

Here are the change notes for 1.0b2:

*   Fixed bug in code spans where ampersands were getting
    double-encoded, turning them into `&amp;amp;` instead of

*   Lines consisting only of `>` characters (i.e. blank
    lines in a blockquote) aren't stripped until we're
    actually processing blockquotes. This makes it possible
    to include a line with nothing but a ">" in a code
    block now.

*   Fixed a minor parsing glitch with inline HTML blocks which
    have trailing spaces or tabs after the closing tag. You'd
    end up with an empty `<p></p>` after the tag.

*   Markdown now clears its hash table of defined link references
    at the beginning of each article it processes. This solves
    a bug where links defined in article A could be "seen" in
    article B if both both articles appeared on the same page
    (e.g. an index page that displays the most recent entries).

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