[ANN] SmartyPants 1.5.1

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Fri Mar 12 23:01:34 EST 2004

I suppose this is slightly off-topic for a Markdown mailing list,
but, SmartyPants 1.5.1 is out:


The one and only change from version 1.5.0:

+   Fixed a goof where if you had SmartyPants 1.5.0 installed,
    but didn't have Markdown installed, when SmartyPants checked
    for Markdown's presence, it created a blank entry in MT's
    global hash of installed text filters. This showed up in MT's
    Text Formatting pop-up menu as a blank entry.

Thus, this update is really only necessary if you use Movable Type
but don't have Markdown installed.

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