Markdown successfully installed, not parsing

John Gruber gruber at
Sun Mar 14 11:42:58 EST 2004

Shaun Inman <markdown at> wrote on 03/14/04 at 9:23a:

> Actually, I *am* all set.  I foolishly only tested one feature of Markdown
> (unordered lists) and didn't even get the syntax right (didn't include a
> space after the asterisk).

Haha. That's good news, not bad news.

> Consider this an error: ID 10t. Sorry for wasting your time John (and
> anyone else who spent time looking into this before I posted this
> response).

Don't worry about it. At the very least, I now have proof that
Markdown works under MT 2.64 and Perl 5.6.1.


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