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Fri Mar 19 15:56:16 EST 2004

On Mar 19, 2004, at 11:39 AM, John Gruber wrote:

>> Is there a reason that email masking feature can't be extended to mask
>> all email addresses, regardless of whether they are embedded within a
>> url?  It seems to me that this would add more protection, with no
>> visible change to the web site visitor.
> Well, some people might not like it all, because it obfuscates your
> output. I'm imagining someone who thinks (perhaps rightly so) that
> this sort of encoding trick isn't worthwhile, and who would prefer
> their Markdown output remain readable plain HTML.
> This might be better served being broken into a standalone plug-in.

Fair enough ( though you might want to make mention of this in the 
documentation... It doesn't help to mask the url's but not the contents 
of the web page if an email address is in both.  Kind of like locking 
the front door but leaving the porch windows wide open.  :)

But, as mentioned in the other email, i already wrote an antispam 
plugin for blosxom ( not MT ) - i was just hoping to be able to trim 
down the number of plugins...  :)

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