Email masking question

John Gruber gruber at
Fri Mar 19 11:39:02 EST 2004

Fletcher T.Penney <fletcher at> wrote on 03/19/04 at 11:29a:

> First, I downloaded Markdown after reading about it on the blosxom 
> mailing list and really like it so far.

I'm a couple hundred messages behind on the Blosxom list; I'll have
to try to catch up. :^)

> Is there a reason that email masking feature can't be extended to mask 
> all email addresses, regardless of whether they are embedded within a 
> url?  It seems to me that this would add more protection, with no 
> visible change to the web site visitor.

Well, some people might not like it all, because it obfuscates your
output. I'm imagining someone who thinks (perhaps rightly so) that
this sort of encoding trick isn't worthwhile, and who would prefer
their Markdown output remain readable plain HTML.

This might be better served being broken into a standalone plug-in.

> Again, thanks for a wonderful piece of software!!!!

You're welcome; thanks for the kind words.


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