Possible MT+Trackback issue

Mike Shaver shaver at off.net
Sat Mar 20 09:18:03 EST 2004

Fred Condo wrote:
>> Today I got a trackback from a MoveableType blog.  The article was 
>> apparantly written using markdown.  The excerpt text sent in the 
>> trackback has Markdown syntax in it.
>> To see the trackback, view this entry on my blog:
>>     http://jclark.org/weblog/Miscellany/Personal/betterlate.html
> That was me. I've since noticed that MT also writes the raw markdown 
> syntax to my RSS feeds.

I had that problem with my RSS feed and Textile until I changed the 
relevant section of the <MTEntries> block to be:

<description><$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1" 

Curiously, though, it seems to be doing the right thing for my Markdown 
entries now as well, even with textile_2 specified in the filter. Hrm, 
hrm.  (I don't have a trackback with Markdown in it to tell if that works.)

What version of MT are you using?


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