Getting around div tags

Andy Fragen lists at
Sat Mar 20 18:37:19 EST 2004

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This is certainly a solution and one that would cause little breakage.

John, Markdown is your baby and I'm just trying to cite and example of
where something doesn't quite work the way I expected, or how I would
like it to work. I just want Markdown to replace textile for me, because
I think the syntax is much easier to understand and I won't have to go
back to the textile refs all the time or just not use all of the benefits
of textile. I think it will be much easier to utilize many more of
Markdown's processes as it's syntax seems more natural.

Andy Fragen

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004, John Gruber said:

>I think the rule is going to remain the same: Once you start an
>inline HTML block, Markdown ignores the contents until you close the
>So if we want some way to have a div where Markdown *does* process
>the contents, it's going to need special syntax, like:
>    <<div class="foo">>
>    *   Item 1
>    *   Item 2
>    *   Item 3
>    <</div>>
>This way, the rule for raw inline HTML stays the same, and stays
>very simple. What we'd be doing is adding a new rule, with new
>(non-HTML) syntax.
>This is definitely worth thinking about, but it's definitely not
>making the cut for 1.0.

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