Possible Blosxom plugin problem

Phil Ulrich phil at interalia.org
Sun Mar 21 19:48:51 EST 2004

It seems that Markdown, when used as a Blosxom plugin, is parsing the 
titles of the entries too.  Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, but 
since several of my entries are formatted with a blank line between the 
title and the body, almost all of my entries are showing up with 
<p></p> tags around the title.  This results in such oddities as:

<h3><p>my title</p></h3>

when the whole shebang is written to output.  Is there any way to get 
Markdown to leave the title alone?  I'd rather not go through 1950+ 
entries and remove the first or second line (on some entries, there's 
metadata, so the blank line isn't always in the same place; 
furthermore, entries written using the Blosxom wikieditish plugin don't 
have the blank line at all).

Phil Ulrich

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