Possible Markdown bug?

Craig Morgan craig.morgan at sun.com
Tue Mar 23 04:11:16 EST 2004

Hi all,

I started using Markdown to simplify note writing for work/home and I 
must say it does streamline the process (especially with Aaron's 
html2ascii markdown conversion for legacy notes).

One small issue though regarding lists with embedded code blocks, which 
seems to be generating illegal output ... test case attached at end of 
message, note the code block in the second point.

It seems that the correct <li> processing doesn't occur unless you trail 
the code block with a blank line, but this has the undesired effect of 
turning the following <li> item into a paragraph marked block.

Am I just mis-interpreting the spec here ???


----- input file -----
Here is a set of test cases

1. First point:
         some code
2. Second point
         some more code
         and yet more
3. Third point:
         some more code
         and yet more

4. Fourth point

End of test

----- output file -----
<p>Here is a set of test cases</p>

<li>First point:

<pre><code>some code&lt;/li&gt;

<li>Second point

<pre><code>some more code
and yet more&lt;/li&gt;

<li><p>Third point:</p>

<pre><code>some more code
and yet more
<li><p>Fourth point</p></li>

<p>End of test</p>


Craig Morgan

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