Bug with autolinking e-mail addresses with underscores

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Tue Mar 23 15:14:10 EST 2004

Carl-Johan Kihlbom <div at newcode.se> wrote on 03/22/04 at 2:33a:

> I have discovered an unfortunate bug in Markdown. Running an autolinked  
> e-mail address with and underscore through Markdown replaces the  
> underscore with the (rendered) string  
> "b14a7b8059d9c055954c92674ce60032". For example:

Yup, that's a bug. Thanks.

> I apologise if this has already been discussed. I couldn't find  
> anything in the archives.

Nope, yours is the first report.

> I hope this can be resolved soon, as I love Markdown! It's a great  
> piece of software.

Thanks for saying so. This shouldn't be too hard to fix.


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