The Plan.

John Gruber gruber at
Tue Mar 23 15:28:21 EST 2004

1.  1.0b4 will be a bug-fix release. I'm just concentrating on
    fixing bugs in 1.0b3. Should be coming later today.

2.  Subsequent 1.0 betas will implement a few deeper changes:

    +   New, simpler, "no-colons necessary" rule for code blocks.
    +   Markdown should be smarter about matching nested inline
        HTML blocks.
    +   Markdown should ignore HTML comments. (Right now, it
        wraps `<p>` tags around them.
    +   Markdown will allow `+` and `-` to be used as unordered
        list markers, synonymously with `*`.

3.  1.0 will ship with the above feature set.

4.  Features planned for 1.1.:

    +   Syntax for specifying class and id attributes
    +   Definition lists
    +   Ordered lists that start at numbers other than 1.
    +   Ordered lists that use letters instead of numbers.
    +   Special mode to limit Markdown to span level processing. For
        example, in MT, this would manifest as a template tag attribute
        that would allow for span level Markdown, but no block-level
        Markdown. This would be useful for, e.g., the <MTEntryTitle>
        tag, so that you could use a title like this:
            This title contains *Markdown*
        The span-level mode would process the asterisks, but wouldn't
        add a `<p>` wrapper.

I offer no timeline for anything other than 1.0b4.  :^)


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