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David J. Weller-Fahy dave-lists-markdown-discuss at
Tue Mar 23 20:47:49 EST 2004

* Arthur Lugtigheid <arthur at> [2004-03-23 10:55 -0900]:
> The server (FreeBSD 4.9) is in fact defaulting to perl 5.005 as you
> thought it did. On FreeBSD systems - or so it seems - the default perl
> is still 5.005 and if you want a newer version, you have to install it
> through the packages. I have changed the shebang to the correct path
> to perl 5.8, but that f**ked up my install real good, so I changed it
> back to the original and sent an e-mail to my sysadmin, who is on a
> holiday at the moment..
> I hope he can solve this, 'cause I've had the problem before with
> other plugins and I was always convinced we were running perl 5.6+

Just ran into this the other day: If you have superuser access, try the
following (as root):

  use.perl port

That should make the default perl the one from the ports tree.  Check
out /usr/ports/lang/perl5.8/pkg-message for more details.

dave [ please don't CC me ]

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