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On Mar 23, 2004, at 3:48 PM, Craig Morgan wrote:

>> 4.  Features planned for 1.1.:
>>     +   Syntax for specifying class and id attributes
>>     +   Definition lists
>>     +   Ordered lists that start at numbers other than 1.
>>     +   Ordered lists that use letters instead of numbers.
> Can't this be taken care of with CSS ie. {list-style-type: 
> lower-alpha;} rather than adding to the special cases list.

I believe so, but it seems like this would be good to add to Markdown 
OUTSIDE of any css/class/style/id stuff.  Sticking with the idea that a 
Markdown document should emulate plain english (or other language) 
documents it makes sense: I frequently use documents that list objects 
by letter rather than number, and built in support in Markdown would be 

I would agree that getting fancy with the bullets in an <ul> should not 
be part of the base Markdown syntax, and is best left to CSS.



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