List weirdness

Andy Fragen lists at
Wed Mar 24 18:36:23 EST 2004

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I've recently come across something that may be my misunderstanding or a
bug. ??

In creating a numbered list I wanted secondary elements that were alpha
labelled. As I currently understand it this isn't in Markdown yet. So I
wrote it out as an alpha list and blockquoted it. The problem came in a
numbered item after the blockquote became an alpha element. There are <br
/> tags after the subs.

1. line1
2. line2
    > a. sub1  
    > b. sub2  
3. line3

Translates to


	<p>a. sub1 <br />
	b. sub2  </li>

Shouldn't the blockquote have ended prior to the last list item? I do
understand the closing </li> tag around all of line2 and the subs, if the
subs would be wrapped in further <li></li> pairs. BTW, it seems to work
as expected if I put returns around the blockquoted element.

Is this a bug?

Andy Fragen

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