List weirdness

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Wed Mar 24 19:56:22 EST 2004

The code you wrote generate completely invalid html markup, so it's 
clearly a bug. But I think that to achieve what you want, you should 
write this:

	1. line1
	2. line2
	    a. sub1
	    b. sub2
	3. line3

The blockquote is unnecessary for indentation (and it is also bad 
semantics). Just indent the following lines with spaces or a tab and 
they will be put inside of the second list item. Do not forget to put 
two spaces at the end of the lines "line2" and "sub1" if you want 
Markdown to insert a line break. That way, you should now have the 
following output:

	<li>line2 <br />
	a. sub1 <br />
	b. sub2</li>

Now I think that's more like what you want.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

Le 24 mars 2004, à 18:36, Andy Fragen a écrit :

> *This message was transferred with a trial version of CommuniGate(tm) 
> Pro*
> I've recently come across something that may be my misunderstanding or 
> a
> bug. ??
> In creating a numbered list I wanted secondary elements that were alpha
> labelled. As I currently understand it this isn't in Markdown yet. So I
> wrote it out as an alpha list and blockquoted it. The problem came in a
> numbered item after the blockquote became an alpha element. There are 
> <br
> /> tags after the subs.
> 1. line1
> 2. line2
>> a. sub1
>> b. sub2
> 3. line3
> Translates to
> <p><ol>
> <li>line1</li>
> <li>line2</p>
> <blockquote>
> 	<p>a. sub1 <br />
> 	b. sub2  </li>
> 	<li>line3</li>
> 	</ol></p>
> </blockquote>
> Shouldn't the blockquote have ended prior to the last list item? I do
> understand the closing </li> tag around all of line2 and the subs, if 
> the
> subs would be wrapped in further <li></li> pairs. BTW, it seems to work
> as expected if I put returns around the blockquoted element.
> Is this a bug?
> -- 
> Andy Fragen

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