Ordered list syntax.

Daniel Axelrod markdown at danonline.net
Fri Mar 26 21:44:45 EST 2004

On Friday, March 26, 2004, at 09:36  PM, Jason Clark wrote:
> On Mar 26, 2004, at 7:45 PM, Michel Fortin wrote:
>>  Easy, just write the rule that way: "A list must be separated from 
>> the previous paragraph by a period or a colon at the end of the 
>> previous line, or by a blank line". What do you think of this rule?
> These are good test cases.  By the time I'd reached the end of the 
> examples, I had concluded that a blank line should precede all lists 
> to disambiguate them... but of course this may not behave as most 
> people expect, most of the time.
Well, the problem with that is that you wouldn't be able to have lists 
within paragraphs.

> Adding the period and colon caveats should address most cases where a 
> list is desired
If this is also allowed, I guess that might be acceptable. My concern 
is that we may begoing oto far to fix what is a somewhat uncommon edge 

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