Ordered list syntax.

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Sat Mar 27 12:55:54 EST 2004

Daniel Axelrod <markdown at danonline.net> wrote on 03/26/04 at 8:35p:

> While this may be true, I'm not sure if syntax decisions should be made 
> on the basis of implementation details. Then again, that's all up to 
> John Gruber.

I've really tried, from the outset, to keep in mind tht Markdown is
two separate things: a formatting syntax, and a Perl program to turn
the syntax into HTML.

At some point, there may well exist other implementations -- PHP,
Python, whatever. It's very unlikely that any of them would be
written by me, but anyone who would like to do so is welcome to.

I've really tried to make *syntax* decisions without any regard for
*implementation* ramifications. In other words, I've tried to avoid
making syntax decisions just to make the implementation easier.

Ultimately, however, the syntax spec is at the mercy of what is
possible to implement.


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