Starting ordered lists at numbers other than 1.

Carl-Johan Kihlbom div at
Sun Mar 28 11:59:29 EST 2004

On Mar 28, 2004, at 18:51, John Gruber wrote:
> Notably, one of the side effects of this "lists must start at
> ordinal 1" rule is that we can get a little bit more specific about
> how Markdown parses lists. We could state that ordered lists must
> start with one of the following:
> *   `1.`
> *   `a.`
> *   `A.`
> This would (a) solve many of the cases where ordered lists can be
> triggered by accident; and (b) accurately reflect the rendered
> results Markdown will produce.
> -J.G.

Don't forget support for Roman numerals:

I.  First
II. Second
III. Third
IV. Fourth

It should be pretty easy to implement while you're fixing the 
alphabetically ordered lists.

/ Carl-Johan

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