Starting ordered lists at numbers other than 1.

Aaron Swartz me at
Sun Mar 28 12:52:09 EST 2004

> Even though I very much disagree with the W3C's decision regarding
> the `type` and `start` tag attributes, that doesn't mean I want to
> start generating Transitional output from Markdown.

I would have no problem with Markdown generating XHTML+value, as Tantek 
does. Especially if the value part is only triggered when the input 
document requires it. It seems that if:

1. the input document requires it
2. it really should be in XHTML Strict
    a. (and top HTML experts agree)
3. it cannot seriously be achieved any other way

Then it would be OK for Markdown to output it. If people have a 
problem, they can just not use lists that start at other numbers. But 
it seems a mistake to change Markdown's syntax permanently because of a 
transitory mistake.

Aaron Swartz:

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