Ordered list syntax.

Jesper jesper at lindholms.com
Sun Mar 28 15:57:50 EST 2004

> The W3C created 1.1 Modularization for the express purpose of 
> allowing users to do just that.

Wasn't that so that the upcoming *standards* would be easier to integrate? I
doubt they would create standards to allow for user-hacks that extend it. I
could certainly see a point for usage, I just don't think it seems like W3C
would do this.

> In the meantime, everyone go [scream at the W3C][1] until 
> they fix this.  I [did so][2] a year and a half ago.  If they 
> get overwhelmed continually on this issue, they might 
> actually do something about it within the next six years.  :)

Six years!? What are they, Superman? :)


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