Ordered list syntax.

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at jelks.nu
Sun Mar 28 16:44:42 EST 2004

Jesper wrote:
>> The W3C created 1.1 Modularization for the express purpose of
>> allowing users to do just that.
> Wasn't that so that the upcoming *standards* would be easier to
> integrate? I doubt they would create standards to allow for
> user-hacks that extend it. I could certainly see a point for usage, I
> just don't think it seems like W3C would do this.

It does, though, and allows you to do just the kind of things we've been
discussing here.  You can either extend or subset.  You could even add <foo>
elements if you'd like (although I don't know why you would *normally* want
to, since WWW browsers don't exactly grok <foo>).  

Another often-cited example is to allow for 'target="_blank"'.  Google for

	target "xhtml 1.1"

Personally, I just find it easier to [hack the 1.0 Strict DTD][1] for such
things.  Despite occasional rumors to the contrary, they won't lock you up
for it.  :)

[1]: http://www.jelks.nu/dtd/xhtmlplus.zip


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