asterisks as bold or italic? (another push)

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Tue Mar 30 19:15:35 EST 2004

On Mar 30, 2004, at 6:47 PM, John Gruber wrote:

> That's quite all right. I appreciate it. I'm sure most people here
> on this list disagree with at least one my of decisions about
> Markdown's syntax. That's inherent in making something "small" and
> mostly option/config-free like Markdown -- most feature wishes
> aren't going to be accommodated.
> The hope is that even though I'm going to say "no" to everyone's pet
> request, the simplicity of the end result -- will be enough to make
> everyone happy overall. And the whole reason Markdown will remain
> simple is that I'm going to say "no" to 90+ percent of the requests.
> This (the idea of using `*` for strong, perhaps as an option) just
> happens to be an idea on the "no" side of the 90/10 line.

I just wanted to say offer up a word of support for this approach ( not 
that you need it!).  I was just thinking today that the '_' vs '*'  
debate on this list was one of the most logical, well argued internet 
debates I've witnessed in a while.  Both sides have strong arguments.  
In the end, what I think is Markdown's biggest strength is keeping 
things simple.  And if that means picking one approach and sticking 
with it, then I support your decision.

My appreciation to everyone who has chimed in on this without resorting 
to the typical e-debate name calling...  ;)


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