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Jason Kitcat jeep at
Wed Mar 31 03:46:59 EST 2004

Lou Quillio <public at> said on 31/3/04:
>On Mar 31, 2004, at 1:47 AM, John Gruber wrote:
>> Fantastic! This is just great. [michelf's php-port]
>Michel's port has been moving toward a pMachine/EE plugin since 
>Saturday as well.  Bravo!

Does anyone else find that PHP-Markdown chokes on un-escapes square
brackets where as Markdown "Classic" doesn't? (or am I doing something


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Works fine in Markdown "Classic" but PHP-Markdown doesn't parse it. The
only way I can get it to work is explicitly escaping the square

Some big news [View article \[PDF\]][1]


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