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Wed Mar 31 18:25:49 EST 2004

>>> this would only turn into a link if you also defined a link like this
>>> somewhere
>> This seems pretty likely to me.
> Can you provide an example where you think this might happen?

And how about that Bush fellow? Condi said "[The President] is fully 
committed to his job." Can you believe it? Well, I think [The 
President] should commit himself to a different type of institution.

	[The President]:

[Joe][1] [said][2] this [the other day][3]:

 > Can you believe this guy? He can't get through a single paragraph 
without lying:
 >> I'm proud to have been chosen by the American people. [1] I feel 
good about this country's direction. I've created jobs. [2] I've made 
the environment safer. [2] And I've stuck to my word -- I did just what 
I promised I'd do on the campaign trail. [3] I'm a guy you can trust.


Aaron Swartz:

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